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Aikidō Yūki Shūdōkan – Energy of the youth and passion.

“Though I have visited many dojos around the world, there is no place where the youth really love aikido like this”, a Japanese friend of mine once told me after having praticed at Shūdōkan for the first time. Energy of the youth and passion has formed today Shūdōkan.

Memories of a

May 2002 is a memorable mark in my life to be the moment I officially started playing a sport for the first time. The site I chose was Aikido VJCC Shūdōkan at Hanoi Youth University which was moved to Foreign Trade University afterward and becomes the Aikido Yuuki Shūdōkan in Hanoi nowadays.

Journey to Aikido

Everyone has a reason and a different path to practise Aikido, and then everyone has very different thinking, feeling with this martial art. I do, too. Now, I think I am really lucky because I am a member of Aikido Yuuki Shūdōkan. 

Incidental learning of Aikido

When I was a child, I often be bullied by older children, this because I was a small and low weighting boy. I therefore love martial arts. Whenever I heard about a good teacher, I did all to find him and tried to learn. However very ungainly, after a few sessions it started to be boring and I could not stay longer (now I know why: because it required to much energy). I thought that my idea about...

Memories of Shūdōkan Dojo

In October 2000, the first Aikido club in Hanoi was established at No. 20 in Yet Kieu Street. Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I got my fate attached to Aikido in the end of the year 2000 when this Japanese martial art and Shūdōkan Club were brand new in the Capital of Vietnam. 

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