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Aikidō Yūki Shūdōkan – Energy of the youth and passion.

Post time: 14/07/2015 15:41

“Though I have visited many dojos around the world, there is no place where the youth really love aikido like this”, a Japanese friend of mine once told me after having praticed at Shūdōkan for the first time. Energy of the youth and passion has formed today Shūdōkan. Our very first teacher, dear Horizoe Sensei, founded the dojo at the age of over 60, however, he seems to be forever young to us. Sensei was the one who inspired us to aikido, which enable us to maintain and develop the Shūdōkan until today.

The Shūdōkan’s instructor group includes six 30 year-old members. They may have many differences but the same passion. 10 years of practicing Aikido get along with the best time of their lives and has become a part of them which seems to be endless story during reuniting occasions.
Flame of passion is generated among people and among generations. They are not alone for the faith and support from Senseis in Japan.
Gradually, Japanese culture, a solemn and compassionate culture, is not absorbed in Shūdōkan members through mangas or anime, but Aikido.
It has been 10 years and the Shūdōkan is more developed now. However, there is one thing staying the same, that is the scene of preparing each tatami for classes. Small bricks make the wall.

Pham Quang Hung
Administrator of Aikido Yūki Shūdōkan
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