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Our club - Aikidō Yūki Shūdōkan

Post time: 24/06/2015 10:24

10 years ago, in 2000, a Shudokan dojo was founded by Katsumi Horizoe sensei, represented the first Aikido dojo in Hanoi. The dojo offerred  Hanoi youth the joy and passion to discover a new modern martial art implied in it a philosophy on love and harmonization - Aikido- a door opened on the Japanese culture. The Shudokan before, Aikido Yuuki Shudokan now, is a place for every member to practice and to be more confident in his/her chosen path.
Aikido Yuuki Shudokan, formerly Aikido VJCC Shudokan, was founded in October 2000 by Katsumi Horizoe sensei, the first director of the Vietnam - Japan Human Resources Cooperation Center (VJCC). This is the first Aikido dojo in Hanoi and until now, it is also the dojo that has the largest number of students in Hanoi.
Although, 10 years of establishment and development of Aikido Yuuki Shudokan is not a long time compared with the history of Aikido. We are profoundly proud with what the Club has been done for Aikido Hanoi to be known by friends in Vietnam as well as in the world. Aikido Yuuki Shudokan has become a meeting place for everyone regardless of age, social position and nationality - a bridge between Vietnamese and Japanese cultures.
This is our club’s website, many writings, feelings, love were gathered here and above all was the sharing about a Shudokan, the house of so many people growing up and living like that…
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