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A guide to Hakama folding

Post time: 26/06/2015 00:36

The seven pleats of Hakama

Every standard Hakama has seven pleats, five on the front and two on the back. Their meanings are:
1 Yuu Courage Brave, courageous energy
2 Jin Benevolence Humanity, tolerance
3 Gi Righteousness Rectitude, justice
4 Rei Respect Politeness, etiquette shown in social behavior
5 Makoto 誠信 Sincerity Truthfulness, honesty
6 Chuugi 忠義 Loyalty Faithfulness, sacrifice
7 Meiyo 名誉 Honor Honor, good reputation and glory

“...Wearing and folding Hakama are not difficult; the difficulty lies in the patience and respect of the practitioner. The way you treat Hakama shows your own personality, not only in the dojo but also in life. If one squashes, folds Hakama without care or hangs them, those seven pleats will gradually disappear. And certainly, no one would want their own ‘seven pleats’ to be wrinkled and lost. After every session, practitioners can spend five minutes to straighten and fold carefully the gi. It’s not just the proper way to treat your clothing, but also a chance to reflect on yourself and the virtues needed in your life…”


The picture below is the instruction to Hakama folding.

Collected and edited: NGUYỄN VIỆT HƯNG
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