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Grading Examination - Regulations

Rules and Regulations of AYS Grading Examination

Our club - Aikidō Yūki Shūdōkan

10 years ago, in 2000, a Shudokan dojo was founded by Katsumi Horizoe sensei, represented the first Aikido dojo in Hanoi. The dojo offerred  Hanoi youth the joy and passion to discover a new modern martial art implied in it a philosophy on love and harmonization - Aikido- a door opened on the Japanese culture. The Shudokan before, Aikido Yuuki Shudokan now, is a place for every member to...

The Founder

Katsumi Horizoe Shihan was born in 1939 in Myazaki province, Japan. He graduated from the Economics faculty, Keio University, Japan. Very young, he studied Kendo. Then he was lucky to be a student of Morihei Ueshiba O’sensei. In 1969, Horizoe sensei created the Youth Development Association of Japan (DAY) as a president. In 1994, he supported the University of Technology in Hanoi to...

Training Schedule

Weekly training schedule of Aikidō Yūki Shūdōkan club

Training fee

Training fee

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Foreign Trade University, No 91 Chùa Láng street, Láng Thượng ward, Đống Đa district, Hà Nội city.
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