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20 jo suburi in Aikidō

Introduction: 20 Jo Suburi are the 20 basic solo movements with staff in Aikidō. Theses movements are divided into five parts (bu)

7 Ken Suburi in Aikidō

Introduction: 7 Ken Suburi are the seven basic solo movements with sword in Aikidō. Their names are simply ordinal numbers

[News] Seminar with Shihan Horii Etsuji at Kansha Dojo

[News] Seminar with Shihan Horii Etsuji at Kansha Dojo

A guide to Hakama folding

A guide to Hakama folding

Fighting technique

Students learn a lot of different attacks that New Year Technical Akiko can be performed. Although attacks are not studied as thoroughly as the martial based on the strong attacks strike or hold need to learn how to apply techniques properly and efficiently

Physical exercise

In AIKIDO well as all the other martial arts of Japan had a moderate physical exercise with mental exercise. The physical training in aikido very rich, including physical exercise and generally improve the experience as well as other special techniques.

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