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Seminar with Shihan Horii Etsuji: Acknowledgement from AYS club chairman

Post time: 27/06/2015 13:52

Three days of practice under the guidance of Shihan Horii Etsuji have come to an end. Despite all inconvenience, we have again another successful seminar where all AYS members have found many helpful tips, experiences and advice on their way to improve Aikido techniques.
On the behalf of all AYS members, I would like to express my appreciation to The Counseling unit (Mr. Akiyoshi Takenaka); The Administration unit (Mr. Chu Tung Son, Ms. Do Thi Ha), PR unit (Mr. Le Hoang Hai, Mr. Tran Quy Van) and all members who assist and contribute to the success of the seminar.
I’d like to extent my thanks and regards to Sensei Raymond Kwok, Manami Horii, Paulo Gouveia Dos Passos … who participated in the seminar and shared their experiences to AYS members.
For the best part, all my sincerest thanks and gratitude to Shihan Horii Etsuji for his constant guidance and his valuable advice to all members throughout the Seminar.
I look forward to seeing everyone on the AYS Club 15th Anniversary.

Chairman: LÊ HỒNG MẠNH
Translator: NGUYỄN VÂN ANH

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