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[2015.06.20] Seminar with Shihan Horii Etsuji - 7 dan Aikikai

Post time: 24/06/2015 10:29

* Seminar with Shihan Horii Etsuji, 7 Dan Aikikai:
You can read about Shihan Horii at link below:

Information about seminar
- Adress: AYS Dojo Hà Huy Tập school, No 19 - 204 Hồng Mai, Hai Bà Trưng district, Hà Nội.
- Schedule: 18:30-20:30 at Tue (23/6), Wed (24/6) and Thu (25/6)
- Seminar fee: student 100.000VND, already work people 200.000VND

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